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KanZan Loc


KAN-ZAN-LOC is an artist name, meaning “Foot of Mountain-KanZan”. (Mt. KanZan exists and KanZan is also his real family name.) The artist currently lives in the countryside of Japan. He was based in New York from 1984 to 1996, after which he returned to Japan and worked as an Art volunteer, Art Adviser of Public Facility, and spent more than 10 years with the city government on a special post created on request of a Mayor who loves art.

Kan-Zan-Loc is an artist who tries to incarnate the ultimate form of the Japanese traditional art in the present age. He believes that the blood of the art is blue. He uses a paint pigment called GANRYO (顔料) with very delicate blue with small particles. Ganryo is a traditional Japanese paint which has been used for centuries and is made out of the powder of shellfish, dyed with indigo-plant-blue. This is then mixed with animal gelatin which makes it into a clay state form. After this process, Ganryo is completed and can be adjusted with water for the right consistency.

The artist has continued to study his special experiment, but he stayed away from activity for a long time. Hong Kong in spring 2015 was his first personal exhibition after the return to art. Since then, he has continued to exhibit out of Japan regularly with solo exhibitions in Isetan Scotts Singapore (8 to 21 April 2016) and Singapore Contemporary Art Show at Suntec Convention.


“The phenomenon in nature – the clouds glow in the sky, the leaves turn red, the sunset beautifully dyed. I am trying to prove the connection between humans and Nature by reproducing the same phenomenon into artworks with “Line” which is not affected by the phenomenon in Nature. I believe we can live more calmly and mercifully by being aware of the connection with Nature and God in ourselves. I believe it will lead happiness and peace to the future world.” ~ Kan Zan Loc