Angelo Buonumori


Angelo teaches "Communication Design" and "Processing Digital Graphics" at the Master's Degree in Advertising Techniques (Compu) at the University for Foreigners of Perugia. 

He lives and works in Perugia.

In terms of the design he has been over the years Creative Director of several major international brands in the fashion industry . He later built up his own design agency and communication. Many Italian companies from various sectors took advantage of his creativity and many brands on the market are the result of his design.

Participates in the collective exibition for the Bicentennial of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi at LaboExpo Gallery in Milan.


Solo exibition, "E/Affetti personali", at the cultural club “l’Officina" in Perugia


His works were exhibited in the exhibition "Umbria, terra di Maestri" (Umbria, land of Masters) in Spello (PG ), Villa Fidelia and in collective exibition "Amori imperfetti" (Imperfect loves) at the Jerico Gallery in Perugia.


Returned to exhibit at the Rocca Paolina in Perugia , in the “Sale della Cannoniera” (Halls of the Gunship), with an exhibition titled " Acronyms portraits ."


Angelo Buonumori was invited to show in Genoa’s Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno.


Angelo held his second solo exhibition, this time in the “Gryphon and Lion” rooms of Perugia’s City Hall.


Angelo won first prize in the second edition of the “Christopher Colombus” painting exhibition held in Genoa: the exhibition attracted works by numerous Italian and US artists.


First solo exhibition, together with his friend and fellow artist Gianni Sani, at the “Il Perugino” picture-gallery in Perugia.


Angelo began working with the art department of chocolate manufacturer Perugina, under the guidance of Gianni Angelini.