ANO 塗鴉阿諾


Ano XIAO started his graffiti art journey since 1999. He often uses pixels as his basic element of design. With his proficient in numerous graffiti techniques, Ano has been invited to collaborate with international brands such as Rolex, Bvlgari, NIKE, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Royal Elastics, ASUS… from early 20s.

Growing up in a family running arcade game business, Ano was motivated and he fuses the idea of “games” and related themes into his paintings a lot of the time. Ano touches the world of colours and fun in an extraordinary way… He shares with us his whimsical experience in games and street art through his paintings.

In his figurative paintings, he uses the fewest pixels and minimal color to challenge the human visual limit; it is also a tribute given to the old masters pieces: Mona Liza, Van Gogh with a pipe, 維納斯 Venus,阿古力巴 Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa,朱利亞諾·德·麥地奇Giuliano de' Medici, 梅杜莎 Medusa, 瑪麗蓮·夢露 Marilyn Monroe.

Ano’s paintings has been exhibited and collected by The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei and the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.

ANO自1999年接觸到來自紐約的街頭藝術graffiti, 就深深受其影響並開始他的街頭塗鴉創作。在ANO精通各種塗鴉手法後,深得到各方人士賞識和認同,常與電視廣告及多個知名品牌合作表演及聯名創作,如Rolex、Bulgari、NIKE、adidas、PUMA、Converse、royal elastics、ASUS。


在他的人像畫作系列中,他常以像素(Pixel)的風格作為最基本的創作元素,運用最少的點和顏色去挑戰人類視覺界限,亦作為對藝壇大師作品的致敬, 如蒙娜麗莎 (Mona Liza), 梵高 (Van Gogh with a pipe), 維納斯 (Venus),阿古力巴 (Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa), 朱利亞諾·德·麥地奇(Giuliano de' Medici), 梅杜莎 (Medusa), 瑪麗蓮·夢露 (Marilyn Monroe)等。