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Darius MA 馬志恒


Darius (b.1960) graduated at the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design in 1979. With his passion in art, he pursues his career as a graphic designer, and has always got involved and collaborates in painting/creating with Hong Kong and China artists, such as Fish King(魚王) and Yu Kewei (余克危) ever since his graduation.

In his newest series, Wu Wei 無為 , the artist combines the use of Chinese ink and acrylic on rice paper. Through his use of wild brushstrokes, the artist explores the interaction between the two medium – ink and acrylic and their effect on rice paper; the blended and unblended synthesis of ink and acrylic creates exaggerated and indefinite shapes. The artist emphasizes on the notion of time and space, resulting in strong visual tension in the compositions of the paintings.

Wu Wei無為stemmed from Lao Zi’s concept of無為而無不為 – Let it be, yet everything is accomplished. The artist’s concept for the series focuses on effortlessness. The materials engage and interact with each other without any sort of control or force through fluid and gestural brushstrokes.


畫家馬志恆隨大師林風眠「中西調合」、「畫無所謂中西」的觀念,大膽創作/實驗自己的「無為」系列。 他以強烈的黑白對比為主軸,輔以淡彩再添上金箔銀箔點輟來表達其意念。「無為」系列利用兩者之密度不同,大面積水墨暈染配上較濃厚之丙烯。採用狂放的筆觸再借用拓印之法,在壓力下互相交融,互相排斥,放發出激情、力量、速度等關係,造成強烈的視覺景像。 

「無為」是借用 _道家「無為而無不為」的理念,究其實,其中心理念是「自由無為」,包含著「自然」與「無為」兩層意義。「自然」是一種觀念、態度和價值,也是一種狀態和效果;「無為」則是一種行為,是實現「自然」的手段和方法。兩者密不可分、互相關連。重點是忠於自我,用心靈感受為意境, 做應該做的事, 隨心而發,隨意而行 ……