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Erica Cecilia Wallstrom


Erica Cecilia Wallström (b. 1985) is an emerging artist with roots in graphic design and art direction. Originally she is a trained creative florist after studying the art of flowers and live materials for three years at Flora Decor, in Alingsås, Sweden.

After several years working, she decided to move on into the area of graphic design and art direction using the computer as the main media for creation. She got accepted into the university Nouva accademia di belle arti in Milan, Italy, where she lived and studied for three years. Art school in Milan triggered her hunger for learning and finding her place within the artistic world. Hence she started creating with all kind of different media until one day she got lost in creating an impressionistic painting using acrylic colors on canvas. That was when “Here we are” was created and she understood she had found her way to express herself. 


  • Private collection, Stavanger, Norway

  • Private collection, Alingsås, Sweden

  • Private collection, Stockholm, Sweden