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Mieko NOGUCHI Solo Exhibition

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Galerie Koo is delighted to present Mieko NOGUCHI first solo exhibition in Hong Kong -- an established Japanese glass sculptor.

This exhibition features a collection of mesmerising glass sculptures from NOGUCHI’s  '10^x m' series, which focuses on the origin of life and the changes of position on every power of 10m^2 by applying the relationship of the world as the stage and the life form living there to the concept of "magnitude". 
Extracting the mysterious elements from an ordinary scene of an ordinary day and recreating it, the changing patterns of the sky, the ripple marks that repeatedly appear and disappear, the peculiar living beings. The universe that is thousands and millions of miles away, has a transcendent beauty that is immeasurable with one's mind. The principle of the universal source which runs through everything is reflected in NOGUCHI's eyes and the great trajectory created by that principle projects into her imagination as a story.

雍廷序畫廊為您呈獻日本玻璃雕塑家野口硝子在香港首個個展,開幕酒會將於晚上6時正在雍廷序畫廊舉行。 歡迎各位到場參觀,活動將於晚上8時半結束。

本次展覽將以 “10 ^ x m”系列為主題,展示一系列令人著迷的玻璃雕塑。在作品中,從「大小」和「距離」來看世界和自己。人的大小大概是1.5公尺到2公尺,我們以這個大小來觀察,思考這個世界,但由此所得到的感受,真的能夠讓我們看見真實的世界與真實的自己嗎?用以觀察的框架會使人的視角產生偏頗,抛卻框架,試著「從宇宙俯瞰,認識自己」,或許才能看見真實的面貌。表示距離的單位1m(meter)與10的乘方相乘,所得出的10的ㄨ次方乘以m(縮小的,整合的,整體的距離指數)和10的-X次方乘以m(擴大的,外解的,個體的距離指數),能將名為環境,空間,世界的最大單位以及名為個體,粒子的最小單位,以「大小」的概念來做具現。把具現出各種「比例大小」的球體並排,就能凸顯出不同比例大小所產生的視角和組成物以及含量的差異。比例大小的差異使物體昇華至不同層次,這樣的呈現更引導觀者去思考「世界是什麼」和「自己存在於哪裡」的根本問題。