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Federico Comelli FERRARI


Federico Comelli Ferrari was born in Brescia in 1980, he combined his artistic studies in the scientific, medical training after attending art school and, in parallel, deepening his love for photography institute Ken Damy.

In 2005 he moved to Milan, he worked as a freelance photographer without ever losing the stimulus-seeking and passion for new experiences, his curiosity led him to address topics and genres together, went from fashion shots to reports, publicity photos , steel life with an eye to the artistic field.

In his closet can find cameras with characteristics different from each other, from a Hasselblad a Lomo, cameras analogue to digital.

Still retains its original Nikon bought 21 years ago, his dark room is always ready for use, even if the new projects are implemented with digital techniques.

Since 2007, dedicating its efforts to further develop the artistic side: his interest revolves around the deconstruction and reconstruction of the perspective of people with different photographic techniques. The result is printed on acrylic of varying thickness where the play of light, cannot resolve objects, dismembered by their strength, resulting in a spectrum of colors and figurative considerable dynamism and delicacy.

Collaborates with international institutions such as embassies (in Cuba, the latest collaboration for the "Bifocales") and Institutes of Culture.

His works can be seen at the center of study Art

Contemporary Central America Wilfredo Lam and institutional sites such as embassies and consulates.

In project has several exhibitions devoted to the study of cities such as Miami, Seoul, Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong.

He recently teamed up with Vogue, keeping his unique style and changing it the world of fashion.

His installations have been required by the circuit of Links Art Fairs, becoming the official image.