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Harvey CHAN


Harvey CHAN (b 1957) was graduated with honor at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1982, majoring in illustration. Chan won numerous awards in his career years as an illustrator in Canada; and he was an art teacher at OCAD University, Sheridan College, and Toronto School of Art at his later years in Canada. 

Chan returned to Hong Kong in 2011, founded Art for Life, where he continues to develop his career as an illustrator, an art teacher, and an artist.

Chan's passion has always been in figurative drawings and paintings.  Chan’s illustration technique and fine art concepts are rooted in traditional art, and it is from there together with his affection in contemporary art, leads to the development of his current series of drawing/painting, the 'Speaking Faces' series.  The series is based on imaginary human faces, and it has become a way for Chan to re-discover and to re-connect himself with people in his world—now and then.

With their gazing eyes... viewers are invited to a conversation, meeting one another without being aggressive or judgmental, seeing through our souls, expressing a sense of compassion, peace, and looking for a solution among any conflict or tension.