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Kashmira DOSHI


Kashmira Mehta Doshi (b. 1986) is a HongKong-based Indian artist. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, India in 2009, Doshi completed her Master degree in Marketing in 2013

Over the past decades, Doshi continues to explore in different dimensions with a wide range of mediums and styles, developing her creative designs, exquisite paintings, and exclusive art pieces. Using a range of colour and shades, as well as materials and tools, Doshi regularly makes the seamless transition from concept to construction—she incorporates delicate and intricate strokes to lighten the characteristic/distinctive aspect of her paintings.

Of late, she focuses in using illustration to summarise her memorable experience and journey through the landmarks across Mumbai and Hong Kong. Each painting delicately illustrates the lifestyle, culture, constructions, fashion, as well as the overall mood of the landmark; and through her fine strokes, Doshi presents a visual essay with impressive details and enchanting characters.