Lonely LAU Siu Chung 劉兆聰


LAU Siu Chung, Lonely (b. 1990) is a Hong Kong artist. Lau was graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts in 2014. His paintings focus on the cityscapes around him together with his experiences in life; and are often represented by strong brush strokes with intense use of color.

The feelings about Lau’s living environment, the Hong Kong city, is always his creative source of inspiration… “Living in an ever busy and crowded city—Hong Kong, the hurried daily walks/lives all along, creates numerous profound and complex experiences…”

Lau’s paintings on canvas are an impression exposure with an overall feeling of the environment, there is a whole form of impression type performance. To Lau, itis the best way to depict an overall shape. A long or short experience in time and space, is painted and used to express a period of life experience with feelings. Again and again, when the experience is repeated, memories rendered as images, like a photograph under long-term exposure, a little dreamy… blurred… untrue...After mixing memories and life experiences, Lau, through painting as a sort ofarrangement and precipitation, expresses his overall feeling for a “lone” presentation.

劉兆聰,以油畫作為創作媒介的香港藝術家。2014 年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。繪畫主題側重於自身與其生活環境,喜歡繪畫與自己生活有關的城市景觀及其對周遭環境的感受。他的畫作常帶有強烈的筆觸及率性的色彩運用。

對生活環境的感受,一直是他創作的靈感泉源。他的繪畫主題主要圍繞的是香港的街景,生活在香港這擁擠的城市, 每天匆忙走過的道路正是活於這境地的深刻體會。

他在油畫布上的繪畫,是他對一個環境整體感覺下的印象曝光,有種整體形態下的印象式表現,對於物像更能描繪出一種整體形態。在時空上或長或短地描摹出一段生活時期的經驗感覺。當重複又重復的體驗過後,他混合生活的記憶和體會,呈現岀瞬間重疊影像,就像是長期曝光下的照片,景象變得模糊不真實······ 鬆朦中帶點夢幻······ 他透過繪畫作為梳理與沉澱,使他的畫作在一個整體感受下作岀單一呈現。