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Meiko Noguchi grew strong feelings toward making glass art through her experience during childhood. She felt the mystique of glass when she saw the beautiful glass shining by twisting, reflecting, and refracting light. She was born and raised in Kamakura (a city in Kanagawa Prefecture) which has one of the most famous beaches in Japan where life is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and blue skies. She polished her unique sensitivity on the changes found in how time passes and the spatial movements by living in such an environment. Later, this sensibility is expressed through her work.

After entering university, Mieko starts creating glass art. After graduating, she continued her studies to accomplish the technical acquisitions at the glassblowing studio called Yokohama Glass. Blown glass is the only technique that has a wide range of expressions within the many ways of technique used on the glass material which can only be shaped at the state of an ultrahigh temperature of 2400 degrees Celsius. After 10 years of continuous studies, she founded Noguchi Glass Co. Ltd. and started off her work as an artist at her own studio FUSION FACTORY.

From there, Mieko expressed her personal sensitivity through blown glass using her various strengths of expressions. With the process of the sticky and high-temperature liquid turning into a transparent glass that shines by refracting light, and the unique inspiration towards the magnificent energy of nature which she felt during her childhood as the backbone, she expands at her art work using the world and nature as her portraying object and mystical experiences that she feels as theme.