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From his studio in Slagelse, Denmark, Per Hillo works with his art which is covering several genres: Paintings, sculptures, and installations.  He is, however, working mostly with his paintings.

As an artist Hillo represents the expressionists. He paints what he feels. Art has to move its recipient. Art must involve its viewer. He stands for the emotional. ”My art is about communication and about the way we interact”, Hillo explains. Per Hillo searches for harmony between art and man. He makes it a point of honour to paint beautiful paintings, which speak to the best side of its viewer.

Working from his studio in Slagelse, a town in east Denmark, Per Hillo creates works that expresses his exuberant love for life.  Art is Per Hillo’s way of expressing his dreams, expectations and vision.

Explore his personal style to colours… ways of using colours in the paintings… ways of setting up themes for his paintings…

Per goes his own way, often round the recognized channels of Danish art. He has been commissioned comprehensive decorations and assignments, such as the decoration of Pandora´s headquarter in Denmark. A bronze sculpture as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Many exibitions around the world – in Europe as well as in the U.S and Asia. In Hong Kong in coorperation with the Ministry og Foreign Affairs.


Malena Belafonte about Per Hillo art

The first time I saw a painting by Per Hillo, I finally felt that an artist had found the key to what ignited me as a “non-artist”. I am a total history-gig, love Renoir, Monet, the Impressionists and the Expressionists, but it is not often that I feel excitement when I look at modern art. Hither Year’s art has a story that we can learn from, but personally, I feel that modern art needs to inspire me. Art is what art does, and Per Hillo’s paintings make me happy. The story behind the paintings and the story behind the artist make me feel joy and excitement about the future. It is that simple. We are in a time where we need to feel comfort, inspiration, hope, happiness, not to mention the need to share all those feelings with others. Per Hillo’s color palette touches the soul, and it is totally ok that the soul feels a little glamourous when it reacts….