Silvia Viganò was born in Oggiono in the province of Lecco in 1978. Grew up with a passion for fashion, art and design , she attended the Arts High School of Desio and Later got a Fashion Design degree at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Silvia worked for a time in the world of fashion and started a T-shirt line of her own, but at the same time she devoted herself to painting.

“More than the individual unique in the world, in her paintings there is rather the image, as standardized by fashions, generational tastes and collective passions.” – by Chiana Argenteri

Vigano’s works are with an extensive range of bright colors, eye-catching themes and comics atmospheres. These art pieces speak of femininity, they’re personal and introspective interpretation of women, addressing the positive or negative circumstances that life imposes on us.