Virginie De LIMBOURG


Virginie de Limbourg is a Belgian artist. born in Liege, lives and works in Tournai.

She was graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Virginie’s current works host a quiet movement, both undulating and shimmering. But the painting strokes are strong and precise. Fragile, absorbent, delicate, we must listen: it whispers, it blows, it vibrates. The trait of Virginie is dynamic, the source of its own inspiration, reborn indefinitely on itself.

The patterns appearing under her brush are fragments of emotions, swirls of plant forms, organic landscapes that offer an intimate, profound and delicate understanding.

Her works transport us to painted bubble, underwater worlds, slow spaces where moves slow iridescent flowers in the skies of a deep nights, where stars are plants.

Virginie’s earlier works reflect a dreamlike vision of the world, with its procession of imaginary creatures and fantastic events. These illustrated epics give rise to a unique and original graphic work, close to Art Brut. Her technique delicately transposes her observations on paper, her favorite medium. Pastel, ink, graphite mine, transfer technique, fine lines and colored surfaces participate in this lyrical writing, which we never tire.

Her production of representations seems at first glance random and alike automatic writing or “cadavreexquis”. Do these images have a meaning? Can they be deciphered? These are not premonitory fables but an invitation to introspection. In reality, it focuses on the symbolic memory of childhood and does not spare the viewer in this fundamental questioning. In front of her work, our fragile sensory memory is visually solicited and stimulates our memories. Her works are metaphors that start an unconscious process beyond our immediate understanding.