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WONG Chak-Hung 黃澤雄


Wong Chak Hung (b.1963) was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1988, majoring in oil painting.

Wong’s early paintings were his surreal impression of his surrounding environment — quiet and almost uncanny sceneries of the streets, contrasting from the busy, hustling city that Hong Kong appears to be. Since 2000, he focused on painting the signature mosaic wall tiles of the Hong Kong MTR in a 1 to 1 ratio –- Its grid format, formation and color palette. He takes the MTR mosaic wall tiles as the oeuvre for his spiritual mediation of this bustling city. His squares and the MTR mosaics wall tiles are all in the same size of 1:1; his paintings are all 100% comprising simulations of urban situations that his hyper-realistic counterparts can never dream of. He uses his work to play with the public space, creates spatial encounter and develops such public form into an artistic language of his own. Wong fuses everyday life into his artworks.

Wong’s work has taken a particular approach to explore the interpretation of realism and abstraction. A view of extreme realism is presented beyond the limits of imagination by toppling the inherent boundaries of realism and abstraction as well as wandering through the urban space—when viewing Wong’s work, “the actual physical distance” between the viewer and the works provokes the extreme realism of his paintings.

Chinese ink is the essence of all Chinese paintings. Wong has extended his MTR wall tiles series by using Chinese ink and incorporating the art of Chinese seal stamp into his paintings. As a continuous process of exploring the materiality of ink, its pigmentation and interaction with Xuan paper, he searched for the perfect material to act as the medium that works best with the synthesis of Chinese ink and Xuan paper. The repeating act of stamping countless number of grids for numerous nights has become a part of his everyday life. The indifferences and philosophical thoughts adopted in traditional Chinese painting are mixed and integrated along with the Western painting framework, while he combines traditional materials & ideas with contemporary technique and practice. As the artist notes, “painting is a record of my mental performance and manifestation of our popular ideology”.

Wong’s works have been collected by the Hong Kong Culture Museum, University of Hong Kong, Fung Ping Shan Museum, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, among many others.

黃澤雄於1963年在香港出生。 1988年畢業於北京中央美術學院,主修油畫。 黃早期的作品是他對香港周圍環境的感觀以超現實的印象表達出來,其寧靜得不可思議的街道風景,與香港繁忙熱鬧的城市形成鮮明對比。自2000年開始,黃專注以1比1的比例繪畫香港地鐵標誌性的「紙皮石磚牆」,他於畫作中把其格式、形式和顏色都一一展現出來。100%相同的地鐵紙皮石磚牆,表達了他100%的香港情懷,作為他對這個繁華城市的詮釋。




黃澤雄的作品由個人收藏家、私人機構及博物館 ( 如香港文化博物館,香港大學,鳳屏山博物館,香港理工大學,香港浸會大學等 ) 所收藏。